Jen's Sweet 16 (Sample Website)


I am excited that you are a part of my angel Anshika's birthday celebration! A tribute to both years past and ahead, this website is where I encourage you to share photos and videos; communicate stories, thoughts, or anecdotes; and receive event invites an....

Jen's Sweet 16 (Sample Website)

Date of Birth:
February 05, 1994
Los Angeles, California, United States
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Special Announcement

February 03, 2010What to bring to my party!

I put together a list of a few items to bring to my party: 1. Bring a pillow and sleeping bag if you plan to stay over. 2. We have dinner, but feel free to bring some snacks. 3. We have pop and juice, bring any other drinks you would like. 4. Presents....

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February 03, 2010

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“I put together a list of a few items to bring to ...” 
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“I hope that you can make it to my birthday party....” 
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